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exist-ing # 2

What: Workshop from 6pm with Henrik Hedige; Artist Talk and Salon from 7pm; Performances from 8pm

Where: The Treehouse – 42 Prospect Terrace, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Australia

When: June 11th, 2011

exist ARI are running regular Live Art/performance art based events called exist-ing where artists are encouraged to try out new works, discuss and learn more about Live Art, view international live artist screenings, and present performance or live based artworks to an audience.

Henrik Hedinge [Sweden] will be running an online workshop -GenderFlux | TransPlantCorp.

On June 11, we will be holding an Artist Talk Salon, with invited key artist, Rohana Weaver, Chaired by Melody Woodnutt. Rohana is in Brisbane from Christchurch, NZ as part of an Operation France Artist Residency before heading off to Stromboli Festival in Italy. Rohana is a sculptor, circus and fire performer, and amateur musician.

Performances throughout and from 8pm:
*Grace Jean (Amsterdam/Singapore)
*Yolanda Dominguez (Spain)
Tess maunder
Rebecca Cunningham
Melody Woodnutt
John Stefulj

*screened or skyped performance

There’s also a Salon Space, where a spontaneous presentation can be held by you, or you can gather the exist ARI members and bounce ideas, we love to hear about people’s work and about live art!

Cheers from the exist team
Rebecca Cunningham, Thomas Quirk, Melody Woodnutt.

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