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CALL OUT! Artists for the 2 Day Project

September 22, 2011 1 comment


exist presents:  TWO DAY PROJECT
Connect now, fast.
Keep up.
Make. DO.
All we have is now.
What:  live art, performance art, action art – 2 day mini residencies
When: 2 CONSECUTIVE DAYS BETWEEN 24th September –  October 15
Where: Studio 3.10, Level 3, Metro Art s, 109 Edward St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000
exist is hosting the TWO DAY PROJECT this September/October at Metro Arts.
Artists have two days in a space to find something in common with another artist (or two).
From nothing comes something in intense bursts of energy and imagination. Here we connect, here we need each other, here we exist.
All we have is right now.
The outcome is shown live or via projection as a part of the exist-ence festival this October at The Brisbane Powerhouse.
This is a call out to artists:
We are excited to put two to four artists in a room together who may or may not have worked together before to foster a new connection. Exploring intense bursts of temporary engagement that is ephemeral yet solidified by our existence here and now. In this moment, this is all we have.
The work and the subject matter is up to you. We provide you with a studio within Metro Arts, and you hit the ground running.
You will need to:
-Commit to 2 full consecutive days in the space between September 24 and October 15.
-Commit to meeting one of the exist team with your own-chosen or exist-assigned artist for the two day project over coffee to discuss your ideas and requirements.
-Document/film an outcome. Allow the outcome of the work to be shown as a part of exist-ence live art festival this October at the Brisbane Powerhouse.
-Be creative, fast. From nothing comes something – you only have 2 days.

exist will provide:
– a space to make
– a space to show

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Melody on 0404976710
or email you expression of interest to
-the exist team

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exist-ing #3 – featuring Lugas Syllabus – FREE THIS FRIDAY!

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

help keep exist-ence from extinction with pozible

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as per usual, we do plan to persist regardless … however, a little bit of cash will go a long way

if you can spare a few clams you will be rewarded with more than a warm and fuzzy


the funds raised from pozible will be used to pay for venue staffing, materials and marketing so that all box office sales can go straight to artists 🙂


exist-ence: an international festival of live art, performance art and action art

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Following the success of exist in 08, exist presents the fourth annual exist-ence festival, bringing the best, the bold and the brave to Brisbane Powerhouse and !Metro Arts.

Emerging, mid-career and established artists from across the city, nation and globe will gather in Brisbane exploring unknown terrain, unanswered questions and unresolved conversations.

Across four days these artists will carve a space for live art, action art and performance art into our city. Audiences are invited to take part by exploring our diverse program including performances, artist talks, films, networking events, forums and symposia.

“Simple materials, live art. Connecting audiences in and around Brisbane with contemporary live art practitioners in enthralling encounters, Exist in 08 was a resounding success.” RealTime Arts Magazine 88, 2008 – Danni Zuvella

“A new generation performs. Exist-ence is …an independent, accessible and welcome renewal of exploration and exposure to this artform in Queensland for another generation.” Doug Leonard. RealTime Arts Magazine 101, 2011

Duration 8- 9 hours each day
full program to be launched soon!!!!

tix @