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DIMANCHE ROUGE #21 Australia-France in partnership with exist/Tape Project/Ptarmigan – call for works

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

exist is very excited to be collaborating for the first time with Paris ARI

Dimanche Rouge along side Australian ARIs Tape Project and Ptarmigan

So, we are putting a call out to you first to participate in an exciting co-production on Nov 18 with dimancheroughe

Although we are sending this to you first, this call out is open to all artists are Brisbane based or who will be in Brisbane on November 18, 2012
The current status of the event and important production details follow:

Venue:  Metro Arts Basement

Equipment: Please negotiated with exist directly regarding your requirements

Duration of performance: 10 – 15mins per peformance. Please negotiated with exist directly regarding your requirements
9pm Paris streams 1 hour of performances to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
10pm Brisbane streams 1 hour of performances to Paris, Sydney, Melbourne
11pm Sydney streams 1 hour of perfomances to Brisbane, Paris, Melbourne
12pm Melbourne streams 1 hour of performances to Sydney, Brisbane, Paris

*THE STREAMING PROGRAM LASTS 1 HOUR, when putting in your proposal please consider this, things can happen in the space outside of the streaming hour but without audio..

We would like to cover about 6-12 artists during this time…

Click the below link for the artist guidelines which we encourage you to read as some details about the Paris venue are not applicable to Brisbane venue, but gives you more of an idea of the people we are working with.
ArtistsGuidelines – Dimanche Rouge 18 Nov 2012

Deadline for proposals: 20 October.
Please submit all applications directly through following link:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

sending best wishes in life and art,


Nicola Morton, Eloise Maree and Rebecca Cunningham


Thanks to Dimanche Rouge, MAAP and Metro Arts

exist@QCA Live Art Intensive Opening Night: Zierle&Carter, Marisa Allen, Onnie Art, Nicola Morton

October 17, 2012 Leave a comment

exist@QCA presents
Zierle & Carter Live Art Intensive Residency:POP Gallery, OPENING performances, talks & film
Featuring works by Zierle & Carter [UK],
Nicola Morton [AUS], Marisa Allen [AUS] & Bonnie Hart [AUS]
26 September, 2012
6 – 9 pm


6pm Opening Zierle & Carter – artist talk

7pm Marisa Allen

7:30pm  Nicola Morton

8:00pm Onnie Art featuring Dennis Riggs

8:30pm Zierle & Carter – ‘A Sense of Belonging’


Brief Biography

Zierle & Carter’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Grace Exhibition Space (US), Up To Nature (UK), IBT 10 (UK), Exist-ence (AU), Garden of Reason (UK), IKRA (SE), and MOMA (US) and Plymouth Arts Centre (UK) as part of Marina Abramovic’s Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art and The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow. In 2011, they received an Arts Council England grant for their year long project entitled Through the Heart: Works on Love, Life, and Laughter which began with a 7 week residency at the Banff Centre in Canada.

Zierle & Carter are among 40 artists to be included in Manuel Vason’s upcoming publication entitled Double Exposures. This year they have been granted a further Arts Council England Grants for the Arts award for their Between Lands – A Sense of Belonging Enquiry project, looking at cultural identity in Australia and the UK.



NICOLA MORTON performs a funny extended vocal ‘breath poem.‘ The breath is your only true partner in life. Http://

Nicola is a body based half-chinese performance artist, videographer, musician, comedian. She presents a unique take on contemporary critical concepts combining them with traditional and new age philosophies to share fun times, explore phenomena and declare the end of capitalism. From a musical background, she holds a B.Music Technology from Qld Conservatorium of Music (2003). Taking inspiration from the musical/art hybrid of Fluxus and Stockhausen, her work has found audiences in group and individual exhibitions in Australia and internationally. She has also been awarded residencies in Finland (Ptarmigan), Indonesia (Asialink: Performance Klub) and Australia (Renew Newcastle). Her video, “Remote Viewing Experiment” was shortlisted in The 17th International Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil.

MARISA ALLEN performs ‘white trash‘ with white clay, violin, newspapers and fairy lights. Http://

Marisa is a multi disciplinary artist working in words, sound and visuals who has performed nationally and abroad. Her sublime and visually illustrative poetry performances have appeared at the 07, ’09, ’11 Queensland Poetry Festival and she has performed combining experimental sound works with spoken word at Brisbane Festival Under the Radar 2011. Marisa is the frontwoman for Qmusic award nominated avant folk, experimental blues act Bremen Town Musician as violinist, vocalist and songwriter recently performing at the 2012 Queensland Poetry Festival.

ONNIE ART performs an expanded cinema piece about people’s projections, ‘shit sling‘. Http://

Bonnie‘s practice is an assemblage of filmmaking, music, performance art, painting, dressmaking and sculptural installation.  She holds a degree in film production from QUT, her work being screened internationally both on television and at festivals including the NowNow (Aus), Exploding Cinema/Collision Festival (UK), Raindance (UK) and Brisbane & Melbourne International Film Festival (Aus).  In 2006 Bonnie founded the audio visual laboratory Venting Gallerywhich produced the Rituals of the Captured Moment series of 1000 films about experimentalmusic. She is the current Secretary of the Foundation for Contemporary Music & Culture and President of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia.  Her current solo project Onnie Art is a fusion of performance stagecraft, the textural beauty of handmade celluloid and a tragicomedy of continually malfunctioning systems/equipment – loosely termed ‘expanded cinema’

exist@QCA presents Cradle Productions

October 5, 2012 Leave a comment

exist@QCA presents Cradle Productions
Work in Progress/Open Studio

Ten failed doomsday prophecies… and the End of the World
Building on their residency in Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts later this year, Daniel Huey (sound designer and composer) and Eloise Maree (performer and creative producer) will be hurtling towards the end of the world and the subsequent new age for one week at POP Gallery.
This work explores the landscape of sustainability, the changing nature of community in the Asia-Pacific region, and the tendency of cults to use end of the world scenarios as a form of escapism from unsustainable lifestyles (particularly those of the West).

exist@QCA Cradle Productions Opening Night from nicola morton on Vimeo.

exist LANND launch ACT this week in Canberra

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment

exist LANND project is launching in Canberra, ACT this week
2 – 5 Oct @ CSIRO Spectra Conference
At every break out session – come for a chat, and find LANND

Goodbye Zierle and Carter

October 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Today we say goodbye to Zierle and Carter

Their residency at POP Gallery produced work and images for their project ‘Between Lands: A Sense of Belonging Enquiry’

Here is a video of their Opening Night actions:

exist@QCA Zierle&Carter Opening night from nicola morton on Vimeo.

Between Lands: A Sense of Belonging Enquiry begins by looking at personal stories, individual definitions, sensory factors and exploring how displacement influences notions of identity and its social/cultural expressions. The artists’ have been gathering materials/experiences/conversations throughout their residency in Melbourne, which will form the initial material and basis of their exploration at the POP Gallery. During their week-long residency, Zierle & Carter will extract and allow their findings to percolate into new experimentations and performances. These will include direct interactions and multisensory experiences, which will build a conversation with the audience, whilst infusing bold images and weaving inner and outer landscapes into a rich fabric of encounters.

Outcomes from their residency will feed into the artists’ process of making a Living Room Opera with the facilitation of Chamber Made Opera and In Between Time Productions, with its premiere in Bristol (UK) at IBT13, returning to Australia in October 2013.