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exist-ence 2013 CALL FOR CONFERENCE PAPERS AND PROPOSALS Performance, the Body and Time in the 21st century

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 Performance, the Body and Time in the 21st century
26-27 June 2013
Hosted by:  exist

Queensland College of Art

Venue: Queensland College of Art, Project Gallery

Griffith University 226 Grey Street, South Bank Qld 4101
This two-day symposium will explore issues surrounding Performance, the Body and Time in the 21st century. How is the ever-increasing pace of technology generation affecting us as artists and audiences? How have the advances made in the 21st century changed the way we create, the way we consume and how we collaborate?

The premier exist conference will take place 26- 27 June curated by Rebecca Cunningham and Tara Heffernan. It will be held at the Queensland College of Art – Project Gallery, Brisbane. The Queensland College of Art, established in 1881, is one of Australia’s longest-running art and design colleges and is situated at Brisbane’s South Bank.

Proposals for papers and presentations are invited which connect with questions on the experience of Performance, the Body and Time in the 21st Century. Possible themes may include:

  • Hyper-realism and the experience of time in art
  • Performance and the body in time
  • Utopia, the sublime, ecstasy and transcendence in art
  • Digital performance and the body
  • 3d visualization and gaming in art
  • Globalization and the singularity of the body in performance
  • Development of art materials in the 21st century
  • Connecting with digital audiences
  • Durational performance in the 21st century
  • Two Bodies in Space: Performing as a Duo
  • Body Politics in contemporary mediatised performance
  • Gender performance in mass-media culture

* Conference proceedings will be produced and published online.

* Conference Review Panel:
Abstract proposals (up to 500 words) should be submitted with authors’ details provided separately, so that submissions can be reviewed, blind, by a Conference Review Panel.

*Please send your proposal as a Word document attached to an email addressed to with subject exist-symposia Please ensure that your email includes your full name, affiliation, address, email address and phone number (Please DO NOT INCLUDE THESE DETAILS WITH YOUR ABSTRACT).

The Conference Review Panel aims to complete the review process by 30th  April 2013.

Full details may be found here

sending best wishes in life and art


EXIST Program 2013

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Save these dates…

5 May 2013 exist @ Metro ‘Cold Metal’ Curated by Nicola Morton. Artists: Stasis Duo, Alrey Batol, Tara Pattenden (UK), Henry Collins (UK).

7 June 2013 exist @ Metro ‘Untitled’ Curated by Nicola Morton and Anna Carluccio. Artists: Sandra Carluccio, Eleanor Jackson.

June 2013 TBC exist @ Room 60 Backdoor Events Curated by Rebecca Cunningham
Artists:James Cunningham, Eloise Maree, Kieran Swann

17-25 June 2013 exist @ QCA International Artist Residency

17-30 June 2013 exist-ence festival and live art symposia 2013
International Artists: Henrik Hedinge, John G Boehme Peter Baren in the QCA Project Gallery

2 August 2013 exist @ Metro ‘Untitled’ Curated by Anna Carluccio. Artists: Riethmuller and O’Brien, Kiah Reading

2-8 Sept 2013 exist @ QCA International Artist Residency – Zierle & Carter (UK)

1 November 2013 exist @ Metro ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ Curated By Nicola Morton Artists: Leif Gifford, Melanie Jade Simpson