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EXIST@METRO ARTS ‘Cold Metal’ at Friday Night: May

exist as part of Metro Arts’ new Friday Night event series; is excited to be programming a series of works from live artists in the Metro Arts’ Carriageway.

First up is ‘Cold Metal,’ inspired by the theatre of black metal, it is curated by Nicola Morton and stars Stasis Duo and Alrey Batol. Belief in disbelief gets thrown out of the back of a ute.. It could look and sound like nothing, but these artists’ take on black metal challenges you to perceive the unperceivable.

Cold Metal ft Stasis Duo and Alrey Batol from nicola morton on Vimeo.

Stasis Duo are known for their performances defined by their rigid conceptual framework. “Black as Black” is performed on the back of a ute in a tunnel in downtown Brisbane. Their live music is so free of reference the listener can be transported. One listener could be in a cold forest listening to black metal; whilst the person next to them is in a warehouse rave surrounded by flashing lights; whilst the next person doesn’t even notice the performance has started.

Alrey Batol also challenges the viewer’s perception. “Waterbirds” is a live webcam projection piece that plays with the transient nature of self-reflexive telepresence. As the viewer passes or views themselves, they will see a digital mirror image that displaces their abstract notions of real time and technological representation. This work is part of a series that explores praxis and process in the reception in art.

Friday Nights showcase work in development; rough, read, and full of potential. Step into studios and rehearsals – see the unseen; give feedback on new ideas; have a glass of wine with Brisbane’s premier artists.

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