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exist @ Metro Arts “There is something dancing in the driveway” – Documentation

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Documentation from…

exist as part of Metro Arts’ new Friday Night event series; is excited to be programming a series of works from live artists in the Metro Arts’ Carriageway.

Leif Gifford and Melanie Jade Simpson

 A multi faceted ultra installation involving projection, light sculpture, sound and interactive displays. “A glimpse; A movement in the distance; A flash of light; Uncertainty; What did you see? What did you hear? What did you dance to?”



EXIST-ENCE 5 | Sydney 16 – 20 July

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EXIST-ENCE 5 | Sydney with PACT centre for emerging artists

Leading into Tiny Stadiums 2013 PACT centre for emerging artists is interrogating the state of performance art in the here and now.
PACT has teamed up with Brisbane artist run initiative EXIST and is proud to be the Sydney host of exist-ence 5 a festival of live art, action art and performance art curated by Rebecca Cunningham and Nicola Morton from 16-20 July 2013.
Over two nights watch experimental performance art in progress at PACT. Continue the conversation of performance art in Australia with talks and live performances by international and Australian artists (TBC) including John G Boehme (Canada), Henrik Hedinge (Sweden), Bonnie Hart (Australia), and Naomi Oliver (Australia). Also join us for our next Saturday Session #4.

16 – 18 July Artists in residence

19 – 20 July Artist talks, presentations and performances

Friday 19 July

Free events

 Artist talks and presentations

International artists John G Boehme and Henrik Hedinge will introduce their work and discuss ideas and influences around their practice.

8.00pm Performances

Bonnie Hart (Brisbane) Stitch in Time

Sandra Carluccio (Sydney) And, one more thing…

more Sydney artists TBC watch this space

Saturday 20 July

Free events

Saturday Session #4 Performance art, live art, action art now

Join Julie Vulcan, Rebecca Cunningham, John G. Boehme, Henrik Hedinge, Bonnie Hart, Naomi Oliver, Sandra Carluccio, John A. Douglas, Sarah Rodigari, David Capra, Jess Olivieri, Boni Cairncross, performance artists, live artists and generally interested folks in a stimulating conversation

 Rebecca Cunningham introduces LANND and the performance map

Rebecca Cunningham co -curator of Exist will introduce the LANND (Live Art National Network Development) project and will take us on a guided tour of how the site works and how you can find performance artists, spaces and events across Australia and eventually the world. Rebecca will also explain the new streaming platform that will be integrated into the performance map

7.30pm Performances

John G Boehme (Canada) Sport

Henrik Hedinge (Sweden) Untitled

Naomi Oliver (Sydney) Self-generating Tranquility Pod

Free event
Full details

EXIST-ENCE 5: Melbourne – 12 & 13 July

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Over the yonder and beyond: new things for us and our audiences

We’ve teamed up with our colleagues at aisforatlas and their great friends at Fehily Contemporary to bring you two days of live art, performance art and action art, featuring international, interstate and local artists in workshop and performance. A Melbourne extension of the fabulous exist-ence 5 live art festival in Brisbane, curated by Rebecca Cunningham and Nicola Morton. Come and converse in the creativity.

Artists: John G Boehme, Henrik Hedinge, Eric Rossi, Bonnie Hart, Zoe Meagher, Mattie Young

More Info:

For the Facebook events join at

Below all: Image Credit: Alan Warren

Here is a photo from Henrik’s Workshop in Brisbane



Here are some photos from John G Boehme’s ‘Considered Compulsion Series’



and one of Henriks performance can you spot him in the bottom of the skyline?