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exist produces an audio-visual interactive experiment for audiopollen social club. media is travelling through space, in air, in bodies, in your breath.
Club 199
199 Boundary St,  Upstairs at West End
Brisbane, Australia
Our guest artist from NYC, Barbara Rosenthal presents two pieces
Barbara Rosenthal “I’m Growing Up” (2013)
a media morph performance
Barbara Rosenthal “Existential Interact with Identity Theft Masks and Provocation Cards.” (2009)
a fun interactive exercise as Barbara takes her provocation cards and masks to the streets and via Audiopollen.
Bonnie Hart (expanded cinema),
Barbara Rosenthal (mediated performance)
Leif Gifford (expanded cinema)
Rachael Archibald (installation and poster/flyer)
Velvet Pesu (sound, projection, wearable instrument/art)
(more detailed text after photos)
Image: Barbara Rosenthal “Identity Theft Masks
with Button Pins and Provocation Cards Interactive Performance”
in “Interview Performances” curated by Irina Danilova and Hiram Katz (Project 59)
SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
May 6, 2011 (image courtesy of the artist)
Image: Velvet Pesu “Concentric Cirles on Red” at EXIST-ENCE 5, QCA Project Gallery, Brisbane. Img Credit Alan Warren.
Image: Leif Gifford “Explosive Tendencies” at Dimanche Rouge #21 Paris, Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane. Brisbane presented by EXIST. Metro Arts Basement Gallery, Brisbane


Velvet Pesu “Concentric Circles on Red’”a framed act of conscious play, the unfolding, becoming and unveiling of self through process, chance, accident, change, temporality, rhythm, voice, light and image. The projection is handmade/drawn film made entirely of recycled materials on a modified purpose built hand cranked projector. The costume is also played as an instrument and made from recycled and organic materials.

Bonnie Hart “EBB&THROW” In a world of manifest convenience, multiplicity meets complicity. Entitlement of space and matter valued as temporal object for the individual. Collective petro-delusions and the flow of tides bury the heads in the sand. But can they hear the ocean through the waves? A prophylactic obscured perception of the natural word.  Amidst the BPA debris, life cycles as light and sound interpenetrate to a mollusc romance.
Work for 5 x 16mm film loop, sculptural installation, optical sound and live performance.


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