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EXIST@METRO: Friday Night June 2014 Documentation Thomas Day

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EXIST@METRO: Friday Night June 2014 Documentation Thomas Day

Documentation Photographs from Alan Warren

Ma Ya Ga Ng Re Ne (Thomas Day) will be presenting a live performance, Secrete Success.
A recreated office environment is employed as a microcosm for wider society. The repetition of daily activities becoming a distorted lens through which we may examine embedded cultural demands for the individual to succeed
Informed by a diverse range of sources including queer readings of popular culture and Situationist critiques of capitalist society, Secrete Success asks; Who among us can afford the privilege of failure?

EXIST@METRO: Friday Night June 2014 Documentation Eleanor Jackson

June 17, 2014 5 comments

EXIST@METRO: Friday Night June 2014 Documentation Eleanor Jackson

Documentation Photographs from Alan Warren.

Eleanor Jackson will be presenting an interactive installation, Now You See Me.
Taking a titular cue from Karolina Bregula’s project Let them see us, which is emblematic of ongoing themes of representation and visibility in contemporary queer visual art, the piece takes a deliberate step towards “unseeing”, the obscured or misinterpreted view.
In doing so, it asks – with sorrow rather than judgement – if the rainbow visibility of Pride movements and temporary media luminosity have contributed as much to creating a society of acceptance as we may like to imagine