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Contextualising: Max Fowler Roy ‘Toilet Roll Doll’

November 10, 2014 1 comment

exist@Metro Arts
Friday Nights: December
Dec 5, 2014

Max Fowler-Roy will be presenting a performance, ‘Toilet Roll Doll – Untitled 2’

This is the second site-specific improvisation for Max Fowler-Roy’s extended percussion group. The first being a bathroom at Real Bad Music, where a selection from the 7 hours + of recordings has been published onto a tape released by Brisbane boutique cassette label, Breakdance the Dawn. Instruments include found percussion as well as hand made bass instruments from recycled industrial waste.

in 2014, Max as part of EXIST-ENCE 5’s DAIS program for emerging artists, staged a site-specific free improvisation in the pedestrian tunnel under Vulture St, Sth Brisbane (near South Bank station).

EXIST-ENCE 5 international festival live art performance art action art – Max Fowler-Roy from EXIST ARI on Vimeo.

I thought of Max’s work when I went to NOWNOW festival 2014 and saw a site-specific performance in a drain. The response to site and sound are different, in regards to Brisbane’s collective and evolving music opposed to Sydney’s repetitive minimal (although durational) performance.

In juxtaposition, Sydney also has a tradition of site-specific improvisation in natural environments, this movement led primarily by Jim Denley (saxophone).

It seems like Brisbane’s less developed art music industry has led towards exploratory music being more of a collective experience as the boundaries between audience and artist is blurred. The heirarchy of ‘virtuouso musician’ and ‘audience’ is definitely subverted in our loose, informal environment without the need for instruction or ‘non-playing stunts,’ This is what Max has to say about the performance in the uniquely acoustic Metro Art’s stairwell this Friday night..

“I have been considering the role of a space on sound and the way it propagates in the parameters of different structures. …I thought it would be fun to try a more communal, inclusive approach to this by sounding a space in the company of a number of different people each allowing them to input sound in the structure as they journey through the stairwell, then see how their input responds to the space and our sounds.”