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Documentation: EXIST@METRO Friday Nights November – Bonnie Hart ‘HR’

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Bonnie Hart HR for EXIST 2Bonnie Hart HR for EXISTBonnie Hart 'HR' 3 for exist

Bonnie Hart will be presenting a durational performance and cinema installation in ‘HR’

The familiar whir of film projectors set the sound stage for this industrial manifesto on the economic value of labour. For 3 hours, Bonnie’s body will be harvesting sweat, her body wrapped in plastic, whilst projectors in the corners of the room are triggered with motion sensors by the audience.

Bonnie’s practice is an assemblage of filmmaking, music, performance art, visual art and sculptural installation.  She holds a degree in film production from QUT, her work being screened internationally both on television and at festivals including the NowNow (Aus), Exploding Cinema/Collision Festival (UK), Raindance (UK) and Brisbane & Melbourne International Film Festival (Aus). In 2006 Bonnie founded the audio visual laboratory Venting Gallery which produced the Rituals of the Captured Moment series of 1000 films about experimental music. She is the founding Secretary of the Foundation for Contemporary Music & Culture and President of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group Australia. Her current solo project is a fusion of performance stagecraft, the textural beauty of handmade celluloid and a tragicomedy of continually malfunctioning systems/equipment – loosely termed ‘expanded cinema

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