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exist@QCA presents Zierle & Carter 24 – 30 September

September 14, 2012 1 comment

exist@QCA presents
Zierle & Carter
Live Art Intensive Residency: POP Gallery, 24 – 30 September, 2012

This September Zierle & Carter for the first time to Brisbane as exist@QCA presents the first Live Art Intensive Residency at POP Gallery, Wooloongabba.
Please come and be a part of this amazing journey…

Between Lands: A Sense of Belonging Enquiry

You could think of them as Marina and Ulay with a contemporary sense of theatricality and props, but it might be more exquisite to forget that historical precedent entirely and concentrate instead on Zierle and Carterʼs ability to create a surrealistic situation out of nothing more than a bunch of red balloons.” Lori Waxman, art critic


“The triumph of this pair is their sensitivity to material. Objects become extensions of the body rather than ill-fitting props.” Quinn Dukes, top 5 current contemporary performance artists for Artists Lists website

Between Lands: A Sense of Belonging Enquiry

Zierle & Carter’s latest project investigates various facets and expressions of belonging and cultural identity in the context of Australia. Their initial research will connect with various communities from different ethnic backgrounds through discussions and informal interviews, exploring the intricacies of Australia’s native people and the long history of migrant settlers, bringing to question notions of ‘home’ and sense of belonging.

Beginning in Melbourne in residence with Chamber Made Opera, the project’s main focus includes the Cornish migrants from Southwest England, who settled in the 1840s at the time of the gold rush and now make up one of the largest ethnic groups in Southern Australia. In addition, their enquiry will also investigate the sense of belonging of Australian indigenous people, as well as that of ‘the lost children of the Empire’, who over decades were sent from the UK to Australia (and from Cornwall until as late as the 1970s) in order to help increase the ‘stock’ of the white population.

Between Lands: A Sense of Belonging Enquiry begins by looking at personal stories, individual definitions, sensory factors and exploring how displacement influences notions of identity and its social/cultural expressions. The artists’ have been gathering materials/experiences/conversations throughout their residency in Melbourne, which will form the initial material and basis of their exploration at the POP Gallery. During their week-long residency, Zierle & Carter will extract and allow their findings to percolate into new experimentations and performances. These will include direct interactions and multisensory experiences, which will build a conversation with the audience, whilst infusing bold images and weaving inner and outer landscapes into a rich fabric of encounters.

Outcomes from their residency will feed into the artists’ process of making a Living Room Opera with the facilitation of Chamber Made Opera and In Between Time Productions, with its premiere in Bristol (UK) at IBT13, returning to Australia in October 2013.

Call for contributions

The artists would like to invite the visitors to the gallery to donate objects or materials that have a personal significance to them around a sense of belonging or ‘non belonging’ and bring them to the gallery. These contributions will be a poignant resource and feed directly into the work made throughout the residency at POP.


Venue:                                               POP Gallery, 12 Ipswich Rd, Wooloongabba
Open Studio:                                 11am – 4pm, Thurs – Sat
Opening Event:                           Wednesday 26th September 6pm   performances, talks, films
Tickets:                                             Tickets are Free Free Free!
Further information:    ,

Zierle & Carter Artist Statement

Through their collaborative practice, Zierle & Carter critically examine different modes of communication and what it means to be human, addressing notions of belonging, dynamics within relationships, and the transformation of limitations. Their work sites an embodied investigation into human interactions and encounters, acting as an invitation to venture into the spaces in-between the external and internal, permanent and transient, spoken and unheard. The work fundamentally explores societyʼs conventions, traditions, and rituals, often flipping them on their head, reversing orders, and disrupting the norm.

At times publicly visible and others remote and discreet, their site-specific work has occupied galleries, explored one to one interactive and instruction based performances in cupboards and empty cinemas, performance for camera on snow covered mountain plateaus, a series of actions and interactions in busy shopping areas, baroque gardens and city parks, process led works in libraries, tunnels, woodlands and World War 2 bunkers, as well as working nomadically with interventions in wilderness.

Brief Biography

Zierle & Carter’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Grace Exhibition Space (US), Up To Nature (UK), IBT 10 (UK), Exist-ence (AU), Garden of Reason (UK), IKRA (SE), and MOMA (US) and Plymouth Arts Centre (UK) as part of Marina Abramovic’s Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art and The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow. In 2011, they received an Arts Council England grant for their year long project entitled Through the Heart: Works on Love, Life, and Laughter which began with a 7 week residency at the Banff Centre in Canada.

Zierle & Carter are among 40 artists to be included in Manuel Vason’s upcoming publication entitled Double Exposures. This year they have been granted a further Arts Council England Grants for the Arts award for their Between Lands – A Sense of Belonging Enquiry project, looking at cultural identity in Australia and the UK.

image credit: Mark Louise Gonzales