exist-ence 15-17 Jan 2010

venue for exist-ence 15-17 Jan 2010

exist-ence: performance art event
live, film, art-i-fact
15 – 17 Jan 2010

Venue: White Canvas Art Gallery
26 Church St, Fortitude Valley

Free Admission
Friday 15th 1700 – 2300
Saturday 16th 1400 – 2300
Sunday 17th 1200 – 1800

Presenting work by artists from Australia, Austria, Burma / Myanmar, Canada, Colombia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay, USA {Hawaii}

The weekend was wonderful! Friday night opening was the busiest time with over 70-80 people attending. Films, artifact, live performance – including a networked performance with Belfast, Northern Ireland – all were received openly. Saturday was quieter traffic wise, but still enjoyable, and the patron tended to  spend longer periods of time watching films, perusing artifacts and asking lots of questions about the work. Sunday, Citizen Loud performed a 6hour durational sound work. It was a really nice way to celebrated Art’s birthday (as per ARKA’s post http://web.tiscali.it/spazioarka/). Patrons gifted a total $75.05 upon entry – which will be shared in equal portion among participants.

The catalogue is now available to download as pdf.

The few happy snaps I took of the event will be posted here. To those who attended and took photos, please feel free to share them.

Finally, thank you to all who attended and thank you to every participant for your generosity, without which, this event would not have been made possible.

exist-ence documentation boxes

exist-ence Melody Woodnutt Fri 15/1/10

exist-ence Nicola Morton "Spyders and Critical Thinking"

exist-ence senvoodoo "Arterial"

- \”Mantra\””]

exist-ence Henrik Hedinge "El Piramide"

exist-ence Helge Meyer "Focus: Bodytime-Timebody"

exist-ence gallery fri night

exist-ence Rebecca Cunningham "some_ is _issing" image credit AnA Wojak

exist-ence AnA Wojak preparing for "red line draws"

Please download the exist-ence catalogue (in 2 parts) by clicking on the below
exist-ence catalogue 15-17 Jan 2010

exist-ence catalogue 15-17 Jan 2010.2

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